Eldercare Accounting & Eldercare Forensic Services

Accounting & Bookeeping

Bookkeeping of personal records including investment accounts, checking accounts, and maintenance of accounts payable on a monthly basis. We have designed certain procedures to review your Investment and checking accounts  to ensure proper care is taken including the separation of duties over the safeguarding, record keeping and disbursement of your accounts.  We are insured to protect your assets from inadvertent loss.

Financial Planning

We will provide consulting for personal financial planning and budgeting services on request to include: Strategy Meetings, Review of Investment Portfolio on a short and long term perspective.  We engage certified financial planners to assist in this process.

Forensic Review

We have been requested to investigate alleged fraud, theft and embelzzement by trusted advisors or employees.   You are in good hands as we are experts in the fields of Eldercare Accounting, Eldercare Forensic and even personal bankruptcy filings in the Newark area.  We have handled multiple cases of high networth indivual and Family Ofiice Fraud Investigations.